June 28, 2022


Local Filmmakers Win Best Indie Short Film in Las Vegas Film Festival 

Richland, WA  –  Local filmmakers of 2047 Productions awoke Monday morning to the news that their film, Gamma Man, had won the Short Indie Film division of the Las Vegas Independent Film Festival.  

Gamma Man is the story of a painfully shy guy who meets the girl of his dreams in a bookstore. He struggles just to maintain a conversation with her but when the store is robbed his alter ego kicks and he attempts to save the day.

The cast of Gamma Man includes local actors Jantz Levin, Diana Milton, Justin Gibbons, Effie Xantheas, Corey Jenkins, Jr., Whitney Holland, Tamara Pomponio, Heidi Dagle, Erick Lopez, and Zoe Pixler, with special guest appearances by John Hickey. 

Gamma Man was written by Randy R. LaBarge and Greg Martin, and was directed by Nat Saenz.

2047 Productions was established in 2012 as an aggregation of local filmmakers, technical crew and actors who work together to create short films. Gamma Man is 2047 Productions’ eleventh film. 

2047 Productions typically produces one to two short films per year. The films produced to date have received positive reception in numerous film festivals throughout the U.S. as well as in New Zealand and Finland.

The principals of 2047 Productions include Nat Saenz, director, cinematographer and producer, Greg Martin, writer, producer, director and sound designer, and Randy R. LaBarge, writer and producer.

 More about 2047 Productions can be found at The long-term goal of the group is to create a robust volunteer organization that will foster and grow the film community in Southeastern Washington state.  Each film provides a learning platform and a creative outlet for actors and crew members to who wish to explore or become engaged in the process of filmmaking.

Gamma Man was filmed exclusively at Xenophile Bibliopole, Armorer and Chronopolis, an eclectic North Richland book and memorabilia store specializing in Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror, including first editions, pulps, collectible paperbacks, common readers, movie posters, movie props and merchandise tie-ins. Xenophile also emphasizes mysteries, technical books and histories.